Our Beneficiary

House of Heros logo

Team MAD is proud and honored to announce House of Heroes as its 2013 beneficiary.

House of Heroes honors military and public safety veterans (and their spouses) for their faithful and sacrificial service.  We provide no-cost veteran home safety and accessibility improvements through the generosity of individuals, teams and organizations. Improvements range from basic smoke and CO detection, handholds and ramps to complex projects requiring multiple licensed craftsmen and tens of volunteers.  And we do this all in one day.  Our workday ends with a US Capitol flag presentation to the veteran or surviving spouse with the words, "On behalf of the Congress of the United States, this gift to you - for your gift to us."  Our motto is "Make a Difference in a Day."  Find out more at www.HOHCT.org , our House of Heroes Connecticut Chapter Facebook page, or join our LinkedIn House of Heroes group.

To learn more about House of Heros you can go to their site at http://www.hohct.org.